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Andrei Draganescu

Web developer, information architecture enthusiast, copywriter and tinkerer with esoteric thoughts.

Hi! I am a highly creative person with a habit of solving problems with unexpected awesome solutions. I master the full web development stack of technologies and, curiously, I enjoy creating mockups and writing specifications or technical briefs.

Memories of a young information architect

Revolutionary: outdoor media monitoring application

I have delivered on time and on budget a weird application combining a delphi desktop client (yeah, delphi) and a PHP/Mysql masterpiece of an API :).

Well, you could say the delphi app was a masterpiece too considering the technology. The application used Google maps and GPS data recorded on cameras to track the usage of advertising panels, recording a land surface of about Romania's size.

On the serverside the application combined the pictures of bilboards, the campaign data and used image analysis to match if a panel was used for a specific client/ campaign combination. Reports were delivered.

It was a disrupting software in a completely unregulated industry and I was in charge of the team building it, aside from creating the whole system's architecture.

Yes, Google News, only well ahead of its time

With a small agile team of three web developers I have put in place Romania's first online live news aggregator. Applying advanced heuristics for contect detection the engine was scraping and detecting articles in over 300 news sources.

On the server side an advanced search engine was built around a C text indexer, custom created to speed up the rather slow MySQL full text searches we were faced with.

Data was storred in a compressed format, distributed across many servers for redundancy and the scraper used IP juggling and throttling to not interfere with the news source's well functioning.

How about online video, anyone?

For some reason I was involved as system architect into the creation of a youtube clone from the ground up. Using Code Igniter - PHP my framework of choice i build with the team a super optimized moderation workflow, the serverside video transcoding engine using ffmpeg and cron and the app's frontend.

The application was hosted on hardware worth the better part of $30k and used network storage, CPU management for performance handling under high load and a custom caching library built around Code Igniter's view management.

Also, i didnt miss the groupon frenzy either

Along with a fellow visionary friend we mustered an idea so good it took two months seconds to wrap our heads around it: lets combine Groupon and Woot into a new product with a twist.

A Code Igniter app was born that used a REST api to communicate with client side flash based components about the live status of marchandise stock available. Fully equipped with user management and a powerfull e-commerce backend, we set sail at the dawn of the world economic crysis :). Huzzah!

To workflow or not to flow?

Yes that was the question! And i answered it for a local business that had tens of workers parsing local print media for subjects of interest.

Providing a sound scheme that involved a desktop application that made full use of Abby's awesome OCR and a server PHP application that stored many GB of text data and indexed it accordingly, i won the battle agains the Routine monster that was killing those folks' mood, and mine too.

Feels good to be the expert in the house

Being hired as a local IT expert for the national agency for consumer protection along with an European Funded team i have implemented a CMS solution for the tens of thousands of documents that the authority accrued in time.

A streamlined and secure complaint collection and solution management system was put in place which via a file based database connected into the CMS. The CMS provided website management, intranet file access, user roles and workflow design based on a permissions system.

3D with HTML4! No.

The largest Romanian producer of ceramic tiles worked with me to build their first online product catalog. Aside from the product management and image processing work that I implemented via a combination of PHP and JS, the website provided a virtual preview of their tiles in a 3D environment.

Given the time period when this project was accomplished no solution was available for client side 3D simulation. So as a workaround we had an Autodesk powered workstation and some handy scripts which generated 3D perspective tilings of their products. Then with the help of our MySQL db the tiles were connected by color, theme and mood to create awesome environments and sell them tiles.

At the time, my full time job was advertising copywriter in a top client romanian agency.

I really like Flash's ActionScript.

I kind of feel sorry for this technology. As a person with a passion about interactive communication i found this platform a dream come true, back in the day MACR was running the show. I still author in Adobe Flash but the times when it was the elite's way brings back memories.

From interactive three dimensional presentation CD-ROMs for the biggest romanian ISP (RCS/RDS), to even video TV commercials (Tigo), the scripted animations and interactivity in Flash were the foundation on which my later Javascript love was built.

Here's to something awesome that is about to leave the building trough the backdoor of advertising banners if no one does anything interesting to it.

UX, IA and PM - let me make it happen

User Experience

I can make crystal clear mockups, develop user stories, innovative interaction flows and controls. I also write very good copy and create outstanding presentations.


  • Garrett diagrams
  • Adnotated wireframes
  • Innovative flow
  • Original form controls
  • Interactive navigation
  • User stories

Information Architecture

I have about 14 years of hands on experience with the PHP/JS/HTML/CSS stack. Also, I have a long track record of providing sound technical specifications to very complex projects.

Pretty much:

  • UML diagrams
  • Interfaces and abstracts
  • Up to date technical solutions
  • PHP development
  • Frontend CSS/HTML development
  • Vanilla Javascript or jQuery development
  • Wordpress integrations, plugins and themes (i love WP)

Project Management

Estimating project effort and cost, managing project progress and team happiness. I also have a very good international experience, working with people all around the globe.

I mean:

  • Gantt diagrams
  • WBS and planning
  • Risk assesment
  • People management
  • Team coordination
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Briefing and QA

18 years of hands on experience and counting

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      Product manager


      Managing the front store product for the leading CEE (,,, e-commerce in the Home Decor market. Experimenting and constantly learning from results.

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      Head of development

      Managed and developed a solid platform for artist representation used by a wide community - over 10 thousand users - of art investors and artists.

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      Technical Lead

      TFOTW Canada

      The Future Of The Web was a talent hub. The goal of the company was to provide top talent and best in class services for US and Canadian companies. I managed a multi cultural team of 10 people scattered across the globe and together we completed projects for companies such as Hyphen Digital (part of HCG / Omnicom), Hydra LLC (operator of one of the most successful CPA ad network) or PTOLogic (a patent research company with clients such as Dolby, Roche and others).

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      Business Advisor

      Apropo Media Bucharest

      I have been the information architect behind the group's Data Management System. Providing high level specifications and actively working with developers in a record time we managed to pull together a system that integrates more than 50 different content sources fron MediaPro's divisions in a system that now publishes content into more than 30 websites the network operates.

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      Mindware Web Studio

      Managing the art and programming team I built and implemented websites for many recognized local and international brands and institutions like ANEFS Bucharest, DDB Bucharest, Bostina & Associates Lawyers, Knorr, Interamerican, Euroclinic, RCS/RDS (DigiTv), Pall Mall, Ozonne and Notorious in New Zealand and many others.

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    Andrei Draganescu

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Andrei is an awesome programmer, at the top of his game and a joy to work with. I couldn't recommend him enough and I sincerely hope we get the chance to work with him again in the future. Chris Kirkland owner

I have worked with Andrei on a number of web based projects. He is an absolute professional and is clearly going places. If it was not for a few thousand miles of ocean, I would hire Andrei as a senior developer in our studio full time. Andrei's experience covers opensource technologies and he is clearly capable as a system administrator. Steve Barrett co-founder GETYO Australia

I've worked with Andrei at TFOTW, and it was a pleasure. He is a very talented developer and manager, with very good communications skills. Really look forward to an opportunity to work with him again. Andre Goncalves Founder @

Andrei is one of the best developers I have ever worked with. He is not only very detail oriented but also innovative and sees problems and hurdles through to solutions, independently. I have the privilege of working with him on a large number and variety of rapid technology prototyping projects and look forward to continuing. Dr. Augustine Fou Chief Digital Officer, Speaker, Author

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