Capitalism versus humans

Here is a story:

A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said:

“I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost.”

I replied:

“I am not sure, it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it, it fed the people who make the tires, it fed the people who made the components that went into it, it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires, it fed people in Decatur IL. at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore. It fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant to the dealer and fed the people working at the dealership and their families. BUT,… I have to admit, I guess I really don’t know how many people it fed.”

That is the difference between capitalism and welfare mentality. When you buy something, you put money in people’s pockets, and give them dignity for their skills.

When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self worth.

Capitalism is freely giving your money in exchange for something of value.

Socialism is taking your money against your will and shoving something down your throat that you never asked for.

I’ve decided I can’t be politically correct anymore. (I never was, actually)

A story from Tom Nicholson on Facebook.

300k shares, 500k likes, 55k comments.

This story is a “nugget of wisdom” that has effectively hardened the same crappy, wrong, stupid convictions and weak, superficial ideas which are plaguing our collective politics for centuries.

The story is right but it’s not correct. It is right because, well, it is the old adage of teaching someone how to fish instead of giving them fish.

However, it is not correct because:

socialism doesn’t ask why do you spend your money the way you do

but rather

socialism asks what part of your money is 100% yours

People of the world, get this once and for all:

capitalism is an economic model, socialism is a political model, socialism is capitalist and capitalism works with socialism.

No one smart enough and leftist enough literally cares at all about your Corvette or your Jet or your four beach houses or your gold plated smart watches. They’re your well spent, hard earned cash, transformed into comfort.

Therefore the question is:

are you giving back?

And to that question there are two opposing answers: the antisocial answer and the social answer.

The antisocial answer (or sociopathic) is that everything is owned in its entirety. This answer justifies meticulous interpretation and cunning use of the law to give back as little as mathematically possible. Hide your money, the welfare queens are out to get them.

The social answer is that most of acquired wealth is owed to the society that its owner belongs to. The degree of debt varies from welfare states to social security states. This answer justifies flattening discrepancies between people by taxing success. No man is an island is the law and no one, independent of the person, is considered to be able to succeed on their own.

None of the answers are completely right nor completely correct. There are people who, given specific privilege and birth circumstances, make it on their own. No self made man ever makes it on their own. Only those born rich have this potential specifically because they pay their way. The poor who ascend socially have more debt to society than the born rich who stay rich. The born rich who become even richer are also more in debt to society than those rich people whose success simply keeps them in their bracket.

We must understand that capitalism is an economic model that favours capital owners over value producers, and socialism is a political model that favours the society over the individual. They are very compatible.

Capitalism does not discuss so much welfare and taxation. The azimuth of capitalism is to not have stale capital. And most of the neoliberal champions, who are the real opposition to socialism, use this argument of capitalism as being the true and tested force of progress, while denying the core of the capitalist model by hiding money in Panama and fencing wealth in all imaginable ways: hoarded wealth is stale capital. They don’t give back to society neither by consumption, nor by taxation.

Most hard core capitalists are risk adverse. They are also tax adverse. They also wand small government. These three factors combined are the death of human potential in societies.

Wealth gets hoarded and siloed. The silo begets inequality, Inequality requires power to be preserved. The hoarding begets scarcity. Scarcity becomes the means of preserving the power.

Dead easy.

Dead easy way to die as a civilisation.

The goal of every society should be the same as the larger goal of life itself: resilience. However, because of the desperation involved in hoarding and siloing, there is a specific set of propaganda items designed to discourage divergent opinion and action and which invented a haze of goals, the misdirection of humanity.

Free things are for the poor

Propaganda item number one, and basically the biggest enemy of the basic income movement, claims that only the really poor should be given free things. The main argument is that free things kill competition and business opportunity by dismantling markets.

Yet, the truth is free sustainable things should be the goal of any state for its people, because free things are giving humans back their time. With that new found time there is the greater chance, statistically speaking, to push human potential into action at a faster speed than the crawling drag of today.

Succumbing to work and chores, so that one can pay for the chance at existing, is a big factor holding us back as a species.

Welfare is for the lazy

Propaganda item number two is just evil. Basically the real goal of welfare is to allow humans to do what they do best: fail. Simply put, the rich have way more slack when they take on fail prone activities, while the poor mostly need to resume to safe scripts prescribed by the rich.

Welfare is a cushion to land on when you follow your dreams. Even if we had welfare queens, which we don’t, it doesn’t matter because most people do not settle with the bare minimum, otherwise there’d be no great migration to fill the Earth with our genome.

Sharing is for the weak

The deification of ownership and the glorifying of property are the two tricks played on the masses in the bloody transition from middle age political systems to modern age political institutions.

Property: a haze of security protecting the average human’s trinkets equally ferocious as the privileged’s fortunes.

There is a fake great equaliser at work here. For example, there are many who praised the markets shaped by technology as a bridge between wealth groups. For example both rich kids and average, middle class, kids have iPhones. But, alas, it’s a thought trap so easy to fall into. In class terms what matters is the personal value of the iPhone, not the mere possession of it.

The real difference in class is always in regard to common value, what is generally disposable and easy to obtain. The joy of richness is in the abundance of generally available items, much more than in the select luxury items. Luxury is not a member of class definition.

Luxury is an intra-class differentiator and hence there is luxury among the poor, just as it is luxury among the ultra rich.

Equality is a moniker for mediocrity

There can be only one. Corporate tigers, young wolves and alpha dogs are running this joint. Leadership this, leadership that. We started on this doubtful “everybody is born equal” idea, and have been half assed about it ever since. What hoarders care for is differentiation, and they are now selling this hard to everyone else as a way to justify their egotistic selves.

Equality is not a given, it is an ideal. Equality is not a right, it is a privilege. We need to fight to obtain equality and then fight to preserve it.

Great societies are built on top of the faulty human nature in order to bring it above itself.

Donald Trump won’t do squat

Protect the system they voted against.

Why the fuck is everyone whining about one dude so much?

There is a system.

On January Day when he will have the most awesome egogasm in his life, he’ll also enter the biggest BDSM relationship with the system that keeps the whole US joint working. And the system is the raddest dom you’ll ever meet. Oh, how the system will squeeze that orange.


It is very hard to undo a system put in place by hundreds of years of aristocratic pyramid building. The only way is to effectively terminate the human web of relationships that actually holds in place the country game.

Hitler did it. He killed them all in the night of the long knives.

Stalin did it. He killed them all in the great purge and the smaller purge after for the exclusive society of those with loyalty ties.

That’s how it works. You cannot do it with words or by being an asshole. You need a shitload of determination and the force of armed partisans who somehow believe they’re doing the right thing.

Does the US have enough people with extreme beliefs, people infiltrated in high power structures and also people common in profile but high in numbers? Hardly so. Is there a true revolutionary spirit among Trump’s voters? Not really. It is a lot of ressentiment. A lot of resentment.

Anti-system vote? Protect the system they voted against!

Nietzsche said:

(T)he problem with the other origin of the “good,” of the good man, as the person of ressentiment has thought it out for himself, demands some conclusion. It is not surprising that the lambs should bear a grudge against the great birds of prey, but that is no reason for blaming the great birds of prey for taking the little lambs. And when the lambs say among themselves, “These birds of prey are evil, and he who least resembles a bird of prey, who is rather its opposite, a lamb, — should he not be good?” then there is nothing to carp with in this ideal’s establishment, though the birds of prey may regard it a little mockingly, and maybe say to themselves, “We bear no grudge against them, these good lambs, we even love them: nothing is tastier than a tender lamb.”
 — Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality, oh yea baby Wikipedia philosophy, so? Sue me!

This is how we humans work. It is nothing shameful or wrong to be infuriated that someone votes for a notorious asshole like Trump, just as it is nothing shameful or wrong to be infuriated that someone invites Syrian refugees without blinking to live next door to you. Both matters are complex. And the intelligent human is intelligent exactly for internalizing fury and anger and envy and disgust and fear and sublimating them creatively somehow.

In the creative output of the combined frustration of people holding any or all of: racist beliefs, strong religious convictions, low knowledge of how the world functions, poverty inflicted pain, disbelief in the upcoming future, Trump is the core metaphor, a rich asshole, a big worded demagogue, a morally bankrupt caricature of the oppressors: by voting Trump they merely expressed their oh so soothing conclusion that it is they who must be good and right, and why not saint.

If we continue to keep the accusatory finger extended, they’ll eventually byte it off. No manners for the fearing lamb.

Oh, you may say, they don’t have the right to feel this way. Well this is not how it works. All humans feel like humans. Weapons changing hands only shifts tides but doesn’t end wars. The day the whites in the US will really be the minority is a day to prepare for. If we get there.

If you feel targeted by Trump’s idiotic hate campaign or the alt right’s shitty brain diarrhea: fear for your safety. It makes you pay attention. Other people in history (see German Jews or British politicians of pre WW2) were not hysterical that assholes suddenly ran the world, they had noble attitudes. They lost or died or both.

But investing the Donald with apocalyptic power is a bad idea.

Start laughing and keep tight rows.

I am one of conflicting beliefs. For example, I think that the right to bear arm which the US constitution grants is good and it should be very, very, very carefully amended, because an armed population is hard to be taken over by governing sociopaths, unlike all of Europe and so many other countries of the world. In my country if a Trump ascends on a wave of popular support we stand no chance of defending democracy, in the true visceral sense of the word “defending”. We can only either bow our heads or have them chopped off.

The polish people learned this. They are working towards a more prepared population. They have their reasons too.

There is a system. Pay attention to the system. Take control of the system and keep control of the system. That is what the civil society does. The executive government should only use the system. If this remains and all minorities, future majorities, the marginalized and the not ignorant disenfranchised unite in a strong civil society, the Donald will only quack.

Watch the laws. Keep close to your representatives. Picket. Organize and mingle among the ones that are now celebrating. Everyone who had the courage and inner resistance to read Breitbart and watch videos of folks “exposing” the PC conspiracy on Youtube, everyone who was liberal but not ignorant knew inside that there was a real chance for Trump.

But the ignorant liberal is locked into their moral supremacy. Will we have an atheist scientist soon to discover the moral gene as the selfish gene who stepped on the right side of history? I wouldn’t be surprised, the market for self congratulatory idea syrup is huge, a best seller for sure. Locked in the moral supremacy of their so right beliefs and justified anger and ancestral smirk of resistance, people will be charmed by themselves and forget to pay attention.

The system is what matters, not the puppets we vote.

We all must know that it is just a system. A convention among us the humans, which is also changeable by us humans too. All we need is persistence. Stop being afraid to be afraid, face the cold and the anxiety of the fleeting life. Be active and involved. If not for you then for your children. If you have no children, than for other people’s children. If that ain’t doing it for you then do it because you’re being suckered into oblivion everyday, every day.

The wave of disgruntlement makes people tired. The impulses of moving to another country are exhausting. The planning to flee and the void that remains drain you before you take the first step to that airplane. All these liberals who now want to move into Canada are not very different than the openly trump supporter Peter Thiel and his floating cities for the special humans. He wants to emigrate too, but into his own special floating city.

Our exhaustion is their strength. These people who make up the system and who control what’s in our plate each day, these people are powerful because we let them control each day of our lives. The number of hours in traffic jams, the hour you wake up every day, the chances you stand in the ER or the quality of the school your child will go to.

They have the power to decide in your place if the country goes to war, if food is a right or an obligation, if the water should be just as clean for everybody or if the sun falling on your skin should be taxed or not. Don’t be fooled. Almost nothing of that sanctified property you own is actually yours.

The system. The system owns everything. The system will replace you both at work and in life.

This is not a conspiracy. There are people who hold office for decades in a row now. If you are part of the system don’t be scared or ashamed. We the people want you to do good and be noble towards our humanity, that’s all. We don’t want you to quit, to concede, to make pacts, to fraternize with stray folk, to settle on surviving. We want you to keep the game alive in our terms, the terms of a game both for the people and by the people.

Look at this, just look at this:

The chart starts at 52 mil. So watch out for the misled belief that Dem turnout halved. It didn’t. It simply shows that it is HRC’s campaign that demobilized not DT’s that mobilized.

This is the result of the ivory tower class of moral supremacy caste exercising their power of idea congestion upon the human society of a country. It makes people quit.

Folks, it is not the donald who will put the foot in your door and ask for your immigrant papers. It is not the donald that will enforce mandatory religious ceremonies for aborted pregnancies. It is not the donald who will allow Russia to stretch and catch vigor again. The donald is merely a seventy year old member of the orange race.

Donald Trump won’t do squat. Stop this orange supremacy fear mongering. It is we who will be placid or reactive, active or dormant, involved or disconnected, tired or enraged, smug or engaged.

What do you do for a living?

The dread question that begs another: are you worthy of a living?

Am I? I don’t know. I sell myself as high as I’m able to, but I never received the scale of worthiness.

I watched this movie, About a boy, and in it this guy Hugh Grant was playing, had no job because of steady income from royalty. Throughout the entire movie this situation was described ad nauseam as undesirable because “he did nothing”. This is crazy. This is the craziness I notice when I hear people telling me:

“if people wouldn’t go to work, what would they do all day long?”.

I don’t know.


For living I do what everyone else does: I breathe, I eat, I drink and I sleep.

For A living I survive, and I wish I would thrive.

Why must we earn a living?

Earn a living? Earn the thing while having the thing?

It is as if you’re given a free TV and if you don’t watch it 10 hours a day you loose your house, and the TV.

Everyone of us with a job is in survival mode. A good paycheck is still a paycheck and the conditioning that is building inside the brain is survival mentality.

The thing is “a living” is a product. We buy it with work, work which actually creates all the “livings”. A self reinforcing cycle. That’d be great by itself, but, you see, this “living” product doesn’t come full option by default.

A living has many quality levels and huge number of optional features, and the price tag on it respects market dynamics. How do you create demand for what everyone effectively is defined by, which is being alive? No, killing people is hard and also bad business, but we tried that too, multiple times. Today, because a living is a product to be sold, demand had to be created by making simple living suck more and more.

Anyway, I make web software in general and product management in particular. Doing this I earn a good living. I don’t want a good living, I actually want the best living money can buy. That is why I don’t write more than blog posts, why I changed careers four times, why I have had four attempts of making my own business which failed four times. I have a paycheck and a lot of frustration.

I am not ashamed of my frustration. It’s pure energy not put to use.

Ana, that was an over the top response to your Q somewhere 😀

Why do we have an army?

Because they have an army.

Why do they have an army?

Because we have an army.

Slaughter of other humans, lovely occupation, been here since forever.

But we know what’s inside atoms! We inject our children with dead viruses and we eat chemicals that allow cuts filled with dirt to heal! If we do all this to survive, why do we then slaughter each other?


When proven wrong people don’t feel enlightenment but defeat

“The Agony of Defeat”, Trevor Batstone.

Emily Dinckinson wrote:

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.
Not one of all the purple Host
Who took the Flag today
Can tell the definition
So clear of victory
As he defeated — dying –
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Burst agonized and clear!

She was correct.

Maybe the progressives should take note of this reality of the human spirit.
Maybe we should take a moment to realize that the balloon of progress is inflated more and more each day, squeezing conservatives against the wall of the unacceptable.
Maybe we all, the open minded folk, should acknowledge the dark clouds of global movement of population bringing the same problems back into societies that have already cleared them, more or less.

I’m not sure! Maybe!

I mean our mentality is barely out of the dark ages. Knowledge is out of the middle ages for hundreds of years, but our collective models of the world, well, they are just seeing the light. So the progressive pressure might be the new steam revolution, for the archetypes of the worlds.

But the main argument still holds: whenever you manage to make your take win remember someone lost. Viscerally, it has zero importance that the argument was obvious, or that “history” is on your side, or that, hell, facts are overwhelmingly with you. Sure, people will dissimulate as much as possible. Most will rationalize the defeat as “lessons”, but there will be a lot who will accumulate defeats.

The defeated don’t give up. They build up. They move from existence to subsistence. And when they emerge, the subsistence made them so sharp that they can pin the entire world to the ground.

Radicals were never the majority, yet since forever, a strong and determined group of people can change their entire world. And sometimes radicalization makes strong and determined groups of people.

And it is about nothing in particular. The wrong is everywhere: in science, in politics, in family life, at work, no matter the setting, the defeat of the ones in the wrong keeps piling up. And we’re all sometimes in the wrong! Sure, there is local defeat which sinks with the dying of generations. But global defeat on concepts and mentalities thrive with the passage of time because we forget how hard we’ve got the freedoms and the progress. Forgetting is the springboard of demagogues.

This year I realized we’re going back to salon manners. Ideas like etiquette gained solid support. Shunning merit because of nodding done behind closed doors is ever more common. The terms of sexist, racist, old, lame are imparted as easily as ever, but today there is a committee of those “in the know” and if they label you as such, you’re done. So medieval.

I also fear the new tech nobility, because it doesn’t matter how enlightened you are if you live in an ivory tower you’ll eventually get tired of the common people, forgetting the fact that:

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.

Just my 2 cents,


Smart people shine in the light, wise people glow in the dark

find out why this is important

We like trinkets, since forever. We love shiny new toys and sparks and glitter and just about anything bright that beautifully distorts the light it reflects.

So do crows.

Because we’re all crows who hoard crap, because its shiny and pretty, we inadvertently have expanded this behavior on how we evaluate people. We seek the bright and shiny in everyone around.

Smart people are bright and they come up with ideas! They always create an adventure, they always say things in a smart way, in a way that makes us feel either warm and fuzzy, either energized, either like something finally fell in its right place inside our brains, or maybe they give us the strong but gentle nudge we need, to make a decision that’s been pulling us down for years. Smart people throw glitter on things we already knew for ages, and suddenly and inexplicably we start to appreciate dusty, old things like they’re new again.

However, what is important to notice is that smart people shine in the light. The light of good fortune, of peace, of abundance, of privilege, of luck and health, of financial stability. They are in a place where the universe placed a spotlight and all that light makes them shine so bright that we’re mesmerized. That is great, we don’t shine like them, not everyone is smart even if intelligent, even if cultured. Smart people make you laugh in awe.

Yet most of the universe is a dense blackout. Look up, few spotlights, the rest: dark night. In our lives few of us are blessed with pulling a grand jeté from spotlight to spotlight. No ballet for me, I walk from A to B. And as I walk, I pass through valleys of shadows, dark corridors, cold basements and wet dungeons. All these places are poorly lit, most of the times I don’t shine and neither does any smart companion I have in my heart or mind.

That is why wisdom is the biggest blessing.

Wise people are dull. Their colors sometimes don’t work with each other and they are a lot of times Kitsch. Wise people don’t feature starry sparks, they are weirdly assorted and mostly opaque. Many times they will embarrass you with their simplicity and calm. When wise people are in the spotlight of good fortunes and happy coincidences, they don’t shine, they don’t tire your eyes like snow in sunny winters, no, instead they charge.

But when the light goes out, then the light inside them comes out. They glow. They absorb the good circumstance, the praise and good weather, store the light in themselves, only for pushing it out like beacons of truth when the sun sets and the storm blocks the moonlight. Wise people make you laugh at yourself, that sucks while you’re on the stage of the world, but it is a great comfort when sunken in the basement of your soul.

Smartness is intuition and clarity, wisdom is synthesis and expression.

We’re better than crows.

We know ahead of time that to get through this random thing that happened to us, by which I mean being alive, there is plenty of darkness to embrace you. Therefore let’s use our superior intelligence and start hoarding the things we really need in times of need.

Think of your leaders and spiritual gurus, think of your self improvement coaches and movie stars turned philosophers, think of your financiers morphed to minimalist ascetic Spartans, think of your financially accomplished mini celebrities hosing advice as secrets to success, think of all those exposing the obvious, all those in feuds in which they can’t loose, all the stuff you read and which could turn into energizing PowerPoint slides, each and every sentence (did you know: that “inspirational” energy you feel is coming out of you not going into you?), go on, think of all these you can think of, and then picture them all in on a theater stage, all crowded together like sardines in a jar, all with their smarts shining at you, along with their perfect smiles. Now cut off the power. Zap. The theater is dark and the stage looks like the void of space. Who glows?

If metaphors aren’t your forte, I mean, looking closely I noticed all these smart people standing on real or imaginary tribunes, they’re all happy accidents. Sure, excuse my generalizations, it is just that they’re everywhere.

When wars happen, when cataclysms happen, when our stupid games called “world”, “country”, “economy” or “work” fail because we’re not paying attention to conflicting rules, to scenarios where you loose no matter what you do, and to the fact that all of them are based on rolling dice, when the darkness creeps up upon us, suddenly our smart leaders aren’t to be seen. No smart ideas and one sentence inspiration ever solved real world problems.

We then need the wise. But the wise need us too.

You see, we are led by smart people and that is our doom. We trust people because they’re rich and successful. We trust people because they always have smart replies. We vote demagogues exactly because demagogues are smart people who shine in the light. We flock to smart people as leaders in just about anything we do, but nevertheless, yesterday, today and tomorrow, when the light goes out we remain blind, aimless and violently scared of each other’s darkened silhouette.

That is why we need to find the wise, the ones who are right now in the dark and glow. They probably are not having branded domain names online, probably not on TV … probably, some are, I don’t know. We need to discern and think: will this person’s brilliance hold the weight of dust and ashes? We need to shine the light on these wise people, because they are the people who internalize experience and make light from it, the light that will help us see each other’s smiles even if the Sun itself turns off tomorrow.

Do you know any wise people? Tell everybody, sponsor them, amplify their quietness and humble existence in any way you can, promote them to people so that they in turn will be our glowing help ripping through the dusk of the future’s uncertainty which lies ahead for all of us.

No smart line will be ending this story or embarrassment would suffocate me, thank you, yours,


Still here? Read more from me:

The hubris of living in the present

We live as if we’ve made it. We act as if we’ve evolved the problems, and now we’re thriving in the midst of the soft comfy solutions we’ve found. But the fact of the matter is we didn’t.

The fact is we’re expendable. Just like our forefathers were, so are we, and probably many a generation to follow, we’re all here to fail and fall for the future that somehow we wrongly believe to have achieved now.

In that future sickness is unknown. In that future for everything consumed there is a cycle to welcome it back. In that future we are not required to provide anything but maintenance of systems that literally care for our well being, helping with anything, from raising our offspring to our eventual and optional stepping into the unknown of death.

It may be that the future is closer than you or I could ever imagine, and it might also be so radical that we just can’t see it, like the legend goes about the Mayans blind to the ships and sails of the conquistadors.

Yet, however humble I might be, I cannot stop from seeing we’re all deluding ourselves. Take bottled water, for example. What do we think happens to the hundreds of PETs we dispose of every week? Do they live a new life as iPhone cases? Surely not. Take food additives and hormones, for another example. What do we think comes out of the unrestrained consumption of food that has been tampered with in more ways than we can imagine? Will we be able to pop a pill and reverse any side effect? Surely not. Take your Uber or instant maid. What do we think we sponsor by ripping the benefits of unregulated labor? Will our comfort and convenience trickle down to uninsured overworked people? Surely not.

Why do we block the facts we know, common sense information, and keep going, like some zombie Duracell rabbit?

Why are we living a life of fake expectations? Why do we let the mirage of convenience hypnotize us into sickness, blandness and the amazing selfishness of forfeiting the future thriving of that greater part of humans called humanity?

Is it because of the pro-aging trance?

the impulsion to leap to embarrassingly unjustified conclusions in order to put the horror of aging out of one’s mind (s)


I think it is because we’re all living in the present. Sorry Eckhart. The present is fleeting, the past is hardly helping. The future is all we have, and we just won’t look at it. We live for tomorrow, as if it is today. And, the funnier part, the present doesn’t even exist. Literally, there is no present for a conscious being.

Living in the present makes for H&M. Living in the future makes for Patagonia. Think of this, everything you buy today makes another future day worse. Every. Thing. Our system is currently built for growth. This is not bad in itself, but it is simply a system too accessible and unsustainable. Stifle growth by having a simpler present and enjoy the richer future you’ve just created.

Let’s be more humble. Let’s teach others to be more humble. But not humble in general, humble about one single thing: we’re all dying. We’re not eternal and in a short amount of time we’ll be wiped off as if we’ve never existed. The humility of living in the future, but not any future, that far future where we, we the ones alive today, we’ll be stardust again, well that might be building inside ourselves that miraculous mobilization to stop this madness of a world, a world pinned to the ground by military firepower and with one wing chopped off by humans who mistake wealth for worth and the other wing ripped out by sociopaths disguised as leaders.

We can do it. Just breathe.